Poster Session Assignments have been made.

Abstract Submission is closed


Poster and Abstract Guidelines:


In addition to the poster sessions, short oral abstract presentations will take place in meeting rooms during thematic sessions.  (short talks are limited to 10 minutes and 10-12 slides) The session chair will also choose several 1 minute flash poster presentations during those sessions.

POSTER SIZE: Poster board measures 48" wide x 36" high

It is recommended that your poster be no larger than 32” high × 44” wide (Landscape style). Clips will be available in the poster area for hanging posters.




  • Please type the title of the abstract in upper and lower case, using capitals only for the first word, acronyms and proper nouns. Titles of more than 25 words (110 characters ad spaces) will be truncated.


  • The abstract text should not exceed 250 words. Abstracts of more than 250 words will be truncated.
  • Please note that affiliations don’t count as part of the 250 words
  • Abbreviations and acronyms must be written out in full at the first mention in the text.


  • Authors are responsible for proofreading and submitting an abstract without errors, as they will be reproduced in the form they were submitted.
  • A maximum of 10 authors will be allowed.
  • The corresponding author is responsible for the abstract content S/he is the contact person for submission and communication purposes and is also responsible for disseminating information related to the abstract to the co-authors.
  • A listed co-author other than the corresponding author may register and present the study at the conference.


  • Presenters Name
  • Institution Affiliation
  • Address
  • Office Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Email


  • An abstract can only be submitted once: resubmission is not permitted. Please refrain from submitting multiple abstracts on the same topic by varying the authors or under different titles with only minor word changes. Please also refrain from submitting multiple abstracts on the same study with the same first author. In such cases, all of the submissions on that topic will be automatically rejected.
  • Please do not submit an abstract if none of the authors intends to attend the conference to present it.
  • Once the abstract is submitted and reviewed, no changes can be made. Please make sure there is no oversight in the final list of co-authors before proceeding with the submission.