Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday, November 6 at 2:30 - 4:30 pm. Attendees must provide own transportation.

Session 1:  Bioinformatics Core – High Throughput Sequence Analysis and Lessons Learned,  Chair – Dr. Eric Rouchka

This workshop will cover the various steps involved in analyzing high-throughput sequencing data, with an emphasis on RNA-seq analysis.   We will discuss issues involving quality assurance and quality control, sequence mapping and assembly approaches, normalization techniques, and differential expression analysis.  We will also discuss downstream analysis and data exploration, including parametric and non-parametric approaches to categorical and pathway enrichment analysis, visualization of data in genome browsers, and submission to public repositories.

Session 2:  Electron Microscopy Core, Chair – Dr. Martha Bickford

The Electron Microscopy Workshop will describe different types of data and analyses that transmission and scanning electron microscopy methods can provide. The capabilities of the electron microscopes and related equipment available in the KBRIN Electron Microscope Core will also be described. Investigators interested in applying for Electron Microscopy Core Pilot Project Grants are encouraged to attend.